Why this blog?

     After being vegetarian for a majority of my life (vegan for several years of that) I have decided that I need to share my passion and resources. Food is a necessary element of life, and how we eat shapes the world around us. Being a vegetarian is a life decision that helps me live my personal values: those of non-oppression, sustainability, and justice.
      This blog is an exploration of those values and a comprehensive list of recipes I have discovered and tweaked and imagined. I hope you can find inspiration along with delicious meals here.

I would like to note:

I always try to use food that is in season (from my local farmer's market if possible). I use fresh food as often as possible (for example: actual tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes). Additionally, if a recipe calls for a sauce or paste I try to make it myself.
Remember to be sustainable! Buy organic and non GMO as often as possible, buy local as often as possible, buy from corporations or businesses you know to be ethically responsible (concerning both the environment and human rights). Compost your left-overs and unused portions, if possible. Save seeds for your own garden, if possible.

And always, enjoy!